Mission Teams

It's more than just a trip when you serve with Mosaic in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. With nearly 200,000 people and more than a dozen major ethnic groups in our neighborhood, we need partners who will help us carry out the mission of glorifying God by sharing and demonstrating the Gospel through serving our neighbors.

Ways We Serve

Helping our neighbors through community service such as painting, gardening, street cleanup, etc.

Loving our neighbors through acts of kindness such as giving out bottled water, coffee, hot chocolate, etc. along with information about Mosaic.

Connecting with our neighbors through community events like block parties, cookouts, family carnivals, etc.

Discovering who our neighbors are through prayer walking and community questionnaires.

If you are interested setting up a mission team, check out the pdf below for more in depth information and expectations (includes contact info):



We also have internship opportunities available for those who are looking to get more hands on, day-to-day experience in church planting, multi-ethnic, and urban ministry. Most internships have run during the summer for 2 months or so. Contact us if you have an interest in doing a ministry internship with Mosaic, to find out if we're a good fit for each other and what your next steps should be.