Missional Families

Family. We all know what that means. Or do we? Some of us came from homes that were positive, while others were more broken. Some of us have never truly experienced what it means to be a family. But no matter where we've come from, each of us has that desire for family. We long to be part of a family where we are accepted and loved unconditionally. 

At Mosaic we offer you a chance to get connected with others in our Missional Families. A missional family is simply a group of people who are exploring together what it means to follow Jesus in real life. People in our missional families are in school, work jobs, are unemployed, are married or divorced. They come from every walk of life and have every type of past you could imagine. But one thing unites them all. They are part of the Mosaic family. 

If you connect with a missional family you will have the chance to share a meal, watch a movie, study the Bible and serve your community... all with others who are on the same journey as you. Our missional families meet at different times throughout the week, helping you to pursue Jesus Monday through Saturday. They meet at cafes and in homes, providing you with a safe space to explore what it means to be a follower of Jesus. Currently, we have four missional families that meet throughout the week in Crown Heights - one on Monday evening, one on Tuesday evenings, and one on Saturday. Contact us here if you're interested in finding out which one could be right for you.