Our story

The story of Crown Heights is a story of racial and class conflict. It was the site of Jackie's Robinson's breakthrough in the 40's, and also the site of the 1991 race riots. In a neighborhood that is still divided along race and class lines, Jesus is building his Mosaic in Brooklyn. Mosaic began as a Bible study in a Jamaican restaurant in 2013. Since that time, we've started holding Sunday worship services and launched multiple weekly Missional Families. We are a diverse church with at least a dozen cultures. We are a church for those who are new to the neighborhood, and also for those who have lived here for decades. We believe that Jesus is not finished writing the story of Crown Heights. Come see for yourself what God is doing to unite a diverse group of people together as they seek to follow Jesus!

Race, Violence, & the Gospel

As a church for ALL NATIONS, Mosaic is committed to having the hard conversations about racial reconciliation. This is a discussion we hosted on September 25, 2016 in response to shootings in Tulsa & Charlotte.